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The new Zacua MX®2 has an electric motor and has been designed for you to have the most pleasant driving experience. It has a navigation screen to monitor the status of the car and Bluetooth, to connect your phone with the Handsfree.

The Zacua MX®2 model has a very elegant shape, its trunk has a volume of up to 247.5 liters. This car model is fully-insuranced, with a charging station installed at your home*, 30-day try-out period & 7-day refund guaranteed policy, plus an 8-year battery quality warranty.*

*Features depending on the country's trade, traffic, commercial regulations and availability.

Please e-mail your comments, doubts and specifications to our Commercial Director to schedule a video call on her WhatsApp Messenger.

Mechanical Features

- Electric motor: PMSM
- Controller: Sevcon Gen4 Electronics
- Power: Maximum 34 kW @ 3750 rpm
- Maximum PR: Par 87 Nm

- Type Lithium LiFePO4
- Capacity: 18 kWh
- Type of charger: SAE J1772
- Charging time: Standard, from 0 to 100% in 8h

Engineering Features

- Traction: Front-wheel drive
- Transmission ratio: 1:5.79
- Change: D / N / R

- Anti-lock system: ABS
- Device: Regenerative
- Braking system: Hydraulic circuit
- Front discs: 225 mm in diameter
- Rear discs: 200 mm in diameter

- Dimensions: 155/60 / R15
- Wheels: 15 inch alloy

- Front suspension: McPherson type independent wheels with lower forks and vertical shock absorber.
- Rear suspension and stabilizer bar: Independent wheels, arm with self-deformable axle stabilizer

Capacity Features

- Length: 3065 mm
- Width: 1770 mm
- Height: 1442 mm
- Rear and front track: 1370 mm

-Weight on scale: 685 kg.

Chassis & Volumes
- Body: Engineered ABS thermoformed copolymer, dyed in mass and with anti UV treatment, on an aluminum structure.
- Turning radius: 4 meters
- Places: 2
- Trunk volume: 247.5 L

- Maximum speed: 85 km / h
- Nominal autonomy: 160 km, according to NEDC
- Driving modes: ECO, Standard and Sports
- Emissions: Zero emissions (does not emit CO2 gases)

Equipment Features

- Windshield Glass: Tinted and electric fog lights
- Wheels: 15 ″ gloss black diamond aluminum

- Seats: Adjustable backet type
- Interior Environment: Matching with bodywork
- Screen: 7 ”with bluetooth and mirror application to connect your phone to the screen
- Calling device: Handsfree
- Monitoring: Battery and the operational status of your Zacua

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