"Sayulita" Handwoven Handbag - Black


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"The soul of the Summer lies at Winter's Heart"

A  handbag, handwoven tightly with love and care by Ana's team of artisans, this bag is made with crocheted hemp yarn and its ethnic designs are handwoven with silk and cotton which are specially made from Chiapas and brought to her shop in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.*

*This handbag design is unique and it is irrepeatable. It may vary per bag

This bag comes with an artisanally woven pompom.

Measurements: Length 12.1 cm x Width 30 cm x Depth 10.5 cm


- Exterior: Black tinted and hemp yarn tightly woven with crochet 

- Interior: 50% Silk and 50% Cotton Insulation for water and anti-dampening protection.

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