Masai Necklace I - Stainless Steel - KUNST & EATS

Masai Necklace I - Stainless Steel

Ana Ibañez - Contemporary Jewelry

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This collection is inspired by the fusion of two cultures in Oaxaca. The African and the Oaxacan. In colonial times, slaves from Africa came with the conquerors and wove together with the indigenous Oaxacan culture of Costa Chica new cultural expressions.

Colors, materials that are taken up as inspiration, are expressed here, as a tribute and memory of the richness that emanates from the fusion and diversity of cultures.

Product Features


This piece represents the fusion of the two cultures - African-Oaxacan - through the mixture of black clay ceramics, and authentic African ceramics and crystals.

With three threads she makes an interpretation of the Masaï necklaces, a group from East Africa (Kenya + Tanzania) from where the African slaves came to New Spain.

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