La Moddotti Di Angel Necklace - Green

Ana Ibañez - Contemporary Jewelry

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Product Description

This a compassionate, strong, decided look. showing the never seen that was born from an internal force that made it image through the acusious and sensitive lens: That look is that of tina modotti, from her feminine humanity.

This collection tells her story through 3 dimensions of pieces made with the materials that she placed in her photos and with the nature of her being that reveals us the three dimensions count three events of her life:

-Herself: Her beauty beyond the body.

-Her camera: The revelation of the everyday in Mexico.

-Her ideals: Her look at the social, poverty, the depth of vulnerability and the strong decision to leave her art for that commitment.

The pieces of this collection tina is present in every disruptive idea, in every trail and stitch, making echo for all women, to say with force: "WE ARE ALL TINA".

Product Features

- 52mm green filter for camera
- Laser cut acrylic
- Photocopy of the vignette of the Graphic Novel "MODOTTI MUJER DEL SIGLO X" by A. De La Calle
- Leather
- Rubber

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