“Chingonas Only” T-Shirt

A La Verb

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Your presence brings hope. You saw fight and magic sprouts. You combine insatiable ferocity with the delicacy of a flower to reach glory. You are not afraid of your dreams, however unattainable they may seem, and trust is undoubtedly your best ally. By being real and honest you become the best version of yourself. You arise and believe from love, with courage and kindness, becoming an artist of your own destiny. You are the muse of life, the one who can do everything and nothing intimidates. A sublime being. Pure poetry. Chingona The inspiration behind this design are those women who live life with purpose and without fear of anything, despite going against the flow. Those unwavering, tireless, visionary and creative women of their own destiny. Those women who live without prejudice and without giving a damn what others think. The chingonas women.

- Crew neck
- Regular fit
- 100% cotton
- Front and back print
- Collection detail label

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