"Born To Be Chingón" Bomber Jacket

A La Verb

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Our jacket ‘Born To Be Chingón’, was created with the intention of persuading and encouraging people to always face their destiny, fight for their dreams, and remind them that they were born to be chingones.
For us, to be "chingón" is to excel in life, whether in some profession, sport, activity, or simply as a human being. It goes beyond a qualifying adjective slang. We believe that each of us was born with the ability and potential to become a damn, but few dare to be.
They are those who decide to face their destiny and stand out from the rest. The rebels and different, the crazy and defiant, the tireless and indomitable. Those who fall and rise again and again; the unstoppable. Are they. The hungry for glory, those who win the title. And you, were you born to be chingón?

  • Regular fit

  • 100% polyester

  • High-density chest Ala Verb logo

  • High-quality back print

  • Lower front pockets

  • Internal pocket

  • Ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem

  • Black zipper

  • Nylon lining

  • Collection detail label

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