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Bold Black Bostonian Shoes

Daniela Carrillo

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- 100% Mexican Genuine Leather (Black)
- Wooden outer soles

The Bold Bostonians of Daniela Carrillo retain all the details of traditional craftsmanship which are manufactured 100% in leather.

The commitment is that the pairs is comfortable, because, as Pepe Carrillo explains, a good shoe is measured from the inside out.

"We do not use any synthetic material and our line has something very exclusive, which is perforated. It is difficult to do them, because they are drilled one by one; a pair carries between 300 and 400 blows. The Bostonians - who take their name from the type of footwear that was used at Boston University - are a success because today the woman in the world dresses comfortably. The trends in Europe and Asia are all Boston and flat shoes", Pepe Carrillo says.

The patriarch of this family of shoemakers ensures that the love he has for his job is reflected in every detail on the finished product.

In this small chain work nine people directly in the workshop and six external, which are dedicated to a part of the sewing. "That profession called machinist dressers, is already in danger of extinction, because the children of shoemakers did not follow the job, we work with people we have known for 30 years and we all do our work with absolute love and passion."

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