Blue Nopal Sneakers

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Product Description
We present the new Tennis Collection with Nopal leather, free from animal abuse, 100% Vegan. Green Nopal leather lining to give you great comfort. TR sole, synthetic upper. It is time to reinvent ourselves and be more responsible with our consumption habits!

What better way to take nature at every step and ensure our comfort and that of the animals?

If the body of Mexicans is made of corn, then their heart must be a cactus and their blood the juice of a prickly pear. Since ancient times, the nopal and its fruits have been a symbol of spirituality in Mexico, in addition to being food, economic sustenance, delight, medicine, construction material and even art; Diego Rivera himself mixed his paintings with cactus and lime for the best preservation of his murals.


- Do not place hot objects on the material.
- Avoid rubbing or carving with force.
- Remove all food or liquid spills immediately.
- Regularly clean the areas of perspiration and body oils.
- Clean the contact areas with a soft, clean cloth moistened with water.
- Keep pets and sharp objects away from the material.
- Never use harsh chemicals or household cleaning products.
- Under no circumstances use acetone to clean the material.
- If you use any type of commercial cleaner, you must first test on a hidden part of the material to verify that it does not cause any damage.
- Product data is adjusted to current knowledge of the material.
- The company is not responsible if the material is used in applications other than those suggested or recommended.

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