Balancá Watch

Tonas Wood

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Product Description

Balancá "Nine stars"

Mayan word that we use to represent a distinguished appearance that shines with its own light. This elegant model finds the exact point of maximum and null luminosity, making it conservative but radiant with a beauty that reflects the wisdom of those who use it.

Symbology & Meaning

  • Rattlesnake-Maximum Power
  • Butterfly-Happiness
  • Wind-Movement
  • Sun-New Road
  • Coyote-Observation
  • Steps-Stages of Life

Unique piece of the Sun collection 

Each timepiece is hand-painted by renowned Mexican artisans who in each stroke embody the essence and Mexican folklore making each piece an exquisite work of art. Its creative value makes it unique in its species. We incorporate the iconography Zapotec and Maya numerals giving a unique touch of meaning and history making each piece unique.

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