Our history

"We are a company that always seeks the welfare of our society."

Jorge Martinez Ramos, creator of ZACUA

ZACUA is the first Mexican brand of electric cars, designed to ensure that your driving experience is exceptional. In Zacua we want to accelerate Mexico's transition to the use of environmentally friendly energies, designing and producing zero emission, small, functional and aesthetic urban vehicles.

Founded in 2017, the brand opened its assembly plant in Puebla, in the middle of 2018. The assembly line is handmade as each car is assembled by hand.

Zacua is a brand of the company Motores Limpios S.A de C.V., a Mexican company that seeks to adequately respond to the basic needs of institutions, companies, and, above all, citizens; contributing positively both in the economic plane of the buyers, as in technological, social and environmental aspects.