Wildwood Royal



"The beauty of nature itself In harmony with design" We are a young contemporary brand, Mexican (of Guadalajara origin), sustainable and socially responsible. In alliance with Bosque Urbano de Extra, to make Guadalajara the most wooded city in the country.

We manufacture wooden watches and personalize them with laser "engraving" (with the phrase, date or logo that the client requests according to the occasion "we engrave everything"). Making of the experience, beyond an object to give away; an emotional connection between who gives it and who receives it. (In a personal way, more than a watch, it is an amulet). We offer a wide variety of designs in our 3 different lines: "Top, Casual & Back to basics" (so you can find the model that best suits your style or in the style of who you give to).

All our maquila comes from sustainable farms where wood is grown to work it into sustainable products. Our Planet Earth is permanently rewarded with the equal of "seeding by felling".

The process used to tend, harvest and replace forest areas is known as; "Forestry system".

Silvicultural systems are classified according to the
method used to remove the mature crop and establish the new crop.

The “unequal age” is controlled by the selection system. Each of these systems represents a strategy for the complete cycle of forest maintenance.


Our Vision

We are a brand that seeks to bridge and create empathy with its audience through the different forms of LOVE. For beyond being "The Universal Value for Excellence" we are convinced that in its presence, the best of the human being appears . Every person when being exposed or in contact with the verb AMAR unconsciously detonates “her most humanistic side”.

In other words; anyone who exposes his senses to love (in any of its versions), becomes a better version of himself. And we are not referring to the cliché of love as such, but to the natural reaction of systems; endocrine, limbic and central nervous, when we are stimulated and touched by emotions of such frequency.

Our Mission

We seek to push, sow and promote the change that we want to see as a society (providing content and campaigns that build and promote the values ​​that elevate us as human beings [and not the other way around]).

Communicate and transmit the verb love in its different notes and nuances, and through any generational amalgam ("Because that's how love is; Universal, inclusive, unconditional! It knows no limits or borders, it does not bend or falter. It inspires us to tenderness awakens us to our conscience, and always gives in fiercely and passionately in a total way ”).

Proud to offer cutting-edge design and technology, in commitment to ecology and sustainable development.