STOCKHOLM CO., is a Mexican clothing brand that originates from the city of Guadalajara, created by Paul Richards and Regina Santini, focused on the contemporary man and woman who lives within this modern era of the Internet, surrounded by art, music and others. Its monochrome design makes the garments have a global approach, so people from different places and cultural backgrounds can feel identified with the style that the brand projects.

Visually aesthetic with a strong point of view, the geometric inspiration given by elementary forms, basic and clean lines, neutral colors, details with contrasting textures and decontextualized elements give meanings to exclusive garments.
The brand manages to capture its essence in a variety of products.

The experimental approach of the brand gives the consumer an individual seal, since they often make use of digital processes that shape their unique designs by breaking aesthetic canons and proposing a new era of the basics.

STOCKHOLM CO., is positioned as a brand that is inclined into a global aesthetic, seeking to expand the Mexican fashion industry.

“It´s not really about the product its about the feeling about being you!”