Our Story

We are a brand identified with our values, we develop products (Accessories, bags and backpacks) of the highest quality, we provide an identity to our customers and workers, PAAC sees the future “the fashion industry” based on:

    - Awareness
    - Aesthetic
    - Ecology
    - Functionality

We are a rebellion present in a materialistic world, as a company we prioritize the well-being of our customers, workers and the planet, we create products free of animal cruelty that are the result of a chain of activities made with love, passion and intelligence.

 Be part of this chain by purchasing one of our products.

Our Values

Conscience (Awareness) - Be responsible with the use of materials and the management of the company, to provide more than good quality products, creating positive experiences for our customers and employees, being aware of their needs.

Ecology - We are an ecologically sustainable brand, it all starts with our production chain, all our materials and processes are made in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico helping to reduce our carbon footprint, we are a vegan brand since we do not use materials of animal origin in our processes in this way helping to maintain a better balance with the resources of our environment.

Aesthetics - We study the essence of each of our products judging and perceiving their beauty, combining these characteristics with the study of symmetry to develop emblematic, stylized and unique products always demanding innovation and excellence.

Functionality - At PAAC we firmly believe that function and design must be part of a good product, so we create beautiful products that help you live in the most pleasant and simple way possible.

Our Commitment

  • Use 100% Mexican labor and materials
  • Create ecological awareness
  • Create better working conditions and give fair wages to our employees
  • Produce positive experiences for our clients