“Manos Artesanas” was born from the initiative of helping indigenous Otomi women by generating job and generating income with neglecting their families, as well as disclosing their crafts to the Word.

At “Manos Artesanas” we want to transmit the love we have for Mexico and its craftswomen through their crafts by marketing them at a fair price.

Because we love Mexico, we want to support its diverse people.

“Manos Artesanas” together with our Otomí producers we raise the name of México above and beyond our borders, with our unique hand embroidered hats, and our commitment to our craftsmen and women. As you purchase, you help them by wearing a piece of Mexican culture as a complement to your outfits, while we develop and support their local economy.

The “Manos Artesanas” hats are the perfect key accessories for your day-to-day, regardless of the time and place that you wear them. These handmade hats mixes style, fashion, Mexican love and an Otomí touch.