M.L. Torratos



When dreams are born in the mind, we imagine and feel them in the heart and then... They magically happen!

Being friends one afternoon talking about restaurants, trips and food, we realized how much we like cooking and our favorite was Mexican food! It was one of those afternoons that everything flowed in relation to Mexico... Its culture, its people, its cuisine, its warm atmosphere, its colors, flavors and seasoning. This is how the dream was born within us to do something together and we decided to create a product that would perfectly accompany any dish, and we began to develop, capture and most importantly share our creations at tables full of friends and family looking to have a good time now. while discovering that we already had products ready to start... The path was already paved for us!

Our mentality is definitely "curious and open" always creating, seeking to enjoy and learn in order to bring the highest quality products and manufacturing to the tables of food lovers who are looking for new flavors and textures to create a balance between surprise and classicism achieving it with our Torratos.

This is how this project was born in 2015 when, coinciding in mentalities and ideas, we achieved the union of several kitchens in which in a very particular, unique and above all very original way, the purest, simplest and highest quality ingredients are transformed into exquisite products with a flavor of home and the personal touch of its creators. Each and every one of our products is made by hand and above all with the heart and the ingenious minds of each producer to which the taste for food joins.

We are ML Gourmet MX, a company created by women who seek to promote the growth and development of the products that we represent today, bringing the wonders that are created in many Mexican home kitchens that now reach their tables and palates in Gourmet quality, guaranteeing the use of the finest ingredients, artisan processes, 100% natural and the most important thing is that they are all proud and purely Mexican and this fills us with joy and is our driving force making ML Gourmet a friendly project, in which we support the economy of many families Thanks to the impulse and value of what is created within their kitchens with so much love and dedication, this is how we create this community of small producers united and working together to grow.

This is the key to our success, keeping us together, strong and flexible, always open to new ideas and concepts.

From our kitchen to your table