My name is Luis Jimenez, and I am a Zapotec craftsman.

The brand name is "Labah", which is in our Zapotec mother tongue it means "Root" or "The origin of something".

The name honors the 8 generations known in my family that have dedicated themselves to the weaving of wool rugs and the fact that I inherited it from my mother, generally men teach their children to knit, in my case my mother was single mother and I learned what I know about her, that represents Labah, inheritance of generations. Using natural dyes from generations such as indigo, cochineal and pericón and our ancestral processes combined with a mix of modern design.

Each piece we make is unique as it comes from artisan processes. The production time varies in each piece according to the design and colors of each of our pieces, since we want to offer quality products made by hand and that communicate our ancestral liaison. .