Jules Dwij

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Jules Dwij is a mexican leather goods fashion brand that creates design accessories; combines fashion and nostalgia, using multiple natural geometric shapes, handmade by Mexican artisans in combination with emerging technologies, made with non-animal materials of high durability, textures and colors aligned to the trends.


Jules Dwij Showroom
Each design is born from the inspiration provoked by geometry in the world, from the colors, shapes and textures with which nature, beings and life are soaked.
Human values ​​also ignite the spark of creativity in each design, this allows us to transmit
Emotions, communicate awareness and love in everything we do.

Finally we align the nostalgia with our desire to design the future to compose a new exclusive fashion article that accompanies you in your experiences as well as allowing you to express yourself in a unique way. They are made in combination with the latest technology and handmade by our craftsmen.