It all started when Edwin Silva wanted to make a brand that would represent Mexico by seeing a design that became very famous for the letters embodied in a jacket. He decided to put on the market a jacket that will represent Mexico and a tricolor eagle emerged, but when he spread it on social networks and realized that there were many Mexican brands with very good designs, he thought why none had stood out.

In the process, he realized that Kurt Otero, one of his friends he met in high school, had the same entrepreneurial vision that Edwin Silva wanted to build. There came "HUEY".

Huey: Is a Nahuatl expression, used to denominate the rulers, therefore the word huēyi [we.ji] or [we.i] means "big, long, tall", as king but in Mexica Culture.

Huey comes to the market with 100% Mexican designs, without losing the focus and style that characterizes us. Our designers strive to create each model with colors, life, style, warmth, joy, soul, heroism, tradition, passion and, above all, the chingoneria of the places and emblematic elements that distinguish us as Mexicans.

Made by 100% Mexican hands and designs based on our culture, taking advantage of e-commerce we innovate. We don't just sell products, we sell the power to tell the world I'm Mexican! because we are too cool to show it.

Our brand arises from the need to promote and rescue customs, traditions, monuments and everything that Mexican culture offers.

We couldn't find a product to prove it so we created it!