HO'OL® was born in 2018, from the union of 3 friends, two of them motorcycle lovers and the other with great knowledge and experience in textile technology, each with different profiles and ideologies, but with the same dream: to create a 100% Mexican company that offers a highly competitive product of the highest quality, but above all that satisfies a fundamental need of users: to protect and dress them comfortably and with style. This is how, through the different perspectives of each one, we began to design pants that were comfortable and modern enough, but which in turn covered the safety standards necessary to ROLL on any motorcycle.

During the whole year 2018 we dedicated ourselves to uniting different specialists in the textile field, we managed to create several prototypes, which were tested and used by ourselves, in order to incorporate into our pants the characteristics that we
lead to fulfill our dream.

Our name HO'OL®, which in the Mayan language means skull, and our logo the mask of the jaguar, an endangered species and that for the Mayans was considered a kind of demi-god, we use them to honor the great culture that exists in
our country and as a sign of the pride we feel for Mexico.

Today we are proud of our project, since, during the time that we have been in the market, we can say that it is a product that is highly accepted and recommended by customers, and that in turn not only meets our expectations, but also more than we expected.