Homo Habilis

Homo Habilis

HomoHabilis is a Mexican design dedicated to the creation of leather products. It is born from satisfying one of the first needs of man: To transport objects.

We are a proposal that seeks to recover the value and usefulness of the skin in basic products (backpacks, briefcases, light bags, envelopes, pens, cases) that will last over time, with a minimalist, sober and innovative design in the field of Mexican crafts We rescue traditional techniques of leather goods and saddlery with the intention of promoting new generations of designers-artisans and develop the construction of knowledge.

The basic principle of HomoHabilis is simplicity and practicality. Our logo expresses this principle, the point and line are primary elements in the evolution of man; HomoHabilis means skillful man in Latin; The slogan, The future is made by hand, marks the direction of this project. All products are handmade.


It all started on a walk through the Marché aux Puces de Montreuil in Paris, it was a father and daughter meeting, there was sown a seed that took almost 10 years to bloom. Adalberto Ayala bought his first leather cut to make leather-bound notebooks and produce his own Christmas presents. Already in Mexico, in his first workshop in Ajusco, he began to produce self-consumption leather products for his horses, trimmings and mooring ribbons. Little by little his skills led him to explore the world of simple bags for family gifts. It is at that moment when Ximena Ayala proposes to make that passion something more in shape. Together, father and daughter, make up the creative duo of HomoHabilis.


In January 2015, the Ajusco workshop was moved to the Countess to be able to have collaborators and generate a work team to develop and produce their designs. The line of growth of this project looks towards the training and inspiration of the new generations of designers-artisans in Mexico, as well as to the exploration of forms of production, administration and projection of the brand to define its own path.

In the following two years, the formation of a team of collaborators, the projection and positioning of the brand, and the development of the products were consolidated. Currently the studio-showroom-workshop is located in the heart of Coyoacán, where it seeks to be a benchmark for new Mexican design in the Southmost part of Mexico City.


Our designs are inspired by the simple and the practical. We think of the man who gathers, the nomad, the cave paintings, the most primary needs of the new modern man.

We provoke a sensory experience through touch, smell, skin imperfections and colors. In the company of a bag, backpack or HomoHabilis accessory, a functional travel status is generated.