"En La Sangre"



"En La Sangre", we are a project that seeks to offer people unique and functional garments created and designed by a young designer who, in collaboration with local companies and artists, seeks to promote the consumption and industry of small entrepreneurs.
We started as a university dream, understanding that each of us is unique and wants to show his personality in each garment and accessory he wears. With this vision of offering unique quality garments and seeking to support other local businesses, "En La Sangre", was born.

For us, the most important thing is to ensure that each of our clients identifies with our garments and expresses their style with our original designs, so each one is created from scratch in local workshops to give them a unique touch.

We know that in this world we are all different so we move away from stereotypes and labels so that you can feel free to connect your style with your personality and reflect it with our designs or helping you capture what you have in mind thus creating unique pieces .