Efecto Caché

You and I are all nephews of the famous and romantic uncle; PEDRO INFANTE! That he also fell in love, like you and me ...
"...-Si no me quieres, pues CUICUIRI- le decían y... - pos cuicuiri -, él recitó..."
That's right my dear reader, the film makers have cut the scene with that phrase and since then he adopted and used it... And as we are his nephews; "Pos cuicuiri" He inherited to us ...
Our uncle who's the actor and singer; Pedro Infante. Here's a Hologram of him.

Obviously you have realized that in Mexico there is a beautiful quality; just look at the crafts, their kitchen, their colorful dances and now, its amazing clothes...

It shows when foreign brands buy Mexican national raw material and products which they relabel it and then import it; and we consume it, also because it is a good quality product... And that is good and we love to give! but from here a product can also comes out well-made, it's a well done thing!

Our products are 100% MEXICAN and have international quality standards.

The piñata; National symbol of the feast and eradication of capital sins.
In Efecto Caché® from the raw material, through production and design, everything is Mexican hand work, with that enviable quality to guarantee a great participation and a full-time persevrance from everyone in our "cuicuirifamilia".
Efecto Caché design print on the screen printing press.

And yes... In Cuicuiri® we are the eternal Mexican party, the one that is decorated with tequila, chili powder and lemon. We are represented by our V-neck shirt and printed sweatshirts being that wise culture with its history, deep with its sayings and phrases, valuable for its variety of cuisine, people, traditions and landscapes, that long story of struggle and sacrifice, much to tell. Undoubtedly our Mexico is vast, rich and vibrant ...
Ef on the Calvary of Metepec magical town showing off Frida original sweatshirt.

But we also want to exalt that part that we always need to mention to Mexicans and that the world wants to know about us.

This other part of the Mexican that must be the face of our beautiful country, we, that if we are responsible, honest, dedicated and ventured, we have that conviction of fire and that we always fly high. This part of the Mexican that sometimes we forget is represented in our polo shirt, and always comes out in the most needy moments, where we do not find that solution to the most difficult, that part that makes us get up at 5 in the morning make our products to sell them and feed ourselves! That Mexican with blanquillos, the one that does not crack but does not leave any hole and can solve any problem that comes in its way...