We are a 100% Mexican brand inspired by the urban style that characterizes the different cities. We always seek to integrate genuine details while maintaining our line. Originality, design, quality, fair trade and, of course, our customers are the essence of the District.

Be original, be urban, be Distrito.  


Two years ago, this story began to be written, in which our main objectives were to demonstrate the quality that clothing made in Mexico and the originality of it can have. We believe in the power of fashion and how a piece with a unique and original design can make you feel invincible at any time. We want to promote Mexican design and position it as a world power, we know that we can and we are committed to offering you the best quality in our products. Impact positively; those that we produce, those that use and even those that only see the District, will be able to appreciate the insuperable quality that differentiates us from the rest.