DARU Artisanal Jewelry


From every end. There's a beginning.

José Luis González Bautista_photo

DARU's well aclaimed concept of artisanal jewelry which is known to be Different. Authentic. Rare. And unique, was made 15 years ago on the outskirts Mexico City, by a young Artisan Jeweler whose name is José Luis Gonzalez Bautista, a man with hardened and strong hands, that is only challenged by his gentle and soft heart.

José Luis (or Pépe, as he likes to be called by his friends) came from humble beginnings, he comes from a family of small silver crafttsmen from the touristic town of Taxco, on the State of Guerrero, Mexico. His small family business grew for 15 years, after he graduated from his scholarshipped degree as an artisan from Instituto de Bellas Artes, in Mexico City, Mexico, Pepé took the mantle of his family's business and created his own brand based on his different, authntic, rare and unique skill as a artisan jeweler. After many failed ventures and on the brink of financias ruin, his gentle and battle hardened mindset always kept him going, for his love to his family as well as his passion for jewlerymaking and silver craftsmanship is greater.

15 years have passed since, and now Pépe is co-owner of his own beer pub and sole owner of DARU Artisanla Jewelry Boutique.