Daniela Carrillo

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José and Daniela Carrillo at their workshop.

For 50 years Pepe Carrillo has been dedicated to the manufacture of luxury footwear. He learned the delicate trade in his country, Chile, where he began his career manufacturing for a local company, which belonged to the Gucci group and hired him as operations manager in Mexico in 1979. Since then, the Carrillo family lives in the country.

They set up a workshop in which they fabricated for foreign and national luxury firms. Daniela, the eldest daughter, spent the summer holidays working in the factory. At age 7, she began to learn the details of the meticulous art of handmade shoes.

The brand that founded the family is named after the first-born, who left the career of computing when his father became independent from Gucci, 20 years ago. They continued manufacturing for other Mexican companies that, with the commercial opening, were affected until they went bankrupt. The Carrillo family, then, was left without work.

But the Carrillo family never lost hope..

They decided to risk their own proposal. His creations cover specific needs of the consumer's anatomy, as well as his taste. The commitment is that the pairs are comfortable, because, as Pepe Carrillo explains, a good shoe is measured from the inside out. The Bostonians of the firm retain all the details hand made and are manufactured 100% in leather..

Their own factory, DanCa, offers custom made shoes, with unique leather shoe designs, and all products are 80% made by hand.

The same family is in charge of its commercialization, they are distributed in mainly artisanal bazaars all across Mexico City, where Daniela and her sister Milena come to offer personalized attention, another one of their value badges.