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A legend turned into a Reality

Our name "Augurio" ("Augury" or "Omen", in spanish) comes from a legend, it is said that Goddess Mayahuel communicated through auguries that the maguey was ready to be cut in such a way that for us today each Augury is the sign that the maguey matured the exact time to grant us the better mezcal.

Our Mission as pioneers of Augurio

Mezcal is listed as part of Mexican culture. Its history is full of experiences created by the communities that produce it and entails a vast traditional knowledge about the management of plants. So that in each bottle are parts of an ancient tradition, the land that saw the plant grow and the knowledge of each producer.

Augurio Mezcal is not only part of Mexican culture, but it also integrates the traditions of the municipality of Teotitlán del Valle, Oaxaca, MX., and the passion of the producers who work the land wisely, managing to elaborate this refined Elixir of the Gods.

Don Andres Tovar, Founder of Augurio Mezcal
Mr. Andrés Tovar, Co-Founder of Augurio Mezcal