Ana Ibañez - Contemporary Jewelry



Ana Lucia Gonzalez Ibañez -ANA IBAÑEZ is an architect who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Guadalajara, and holds a PhD in Regional Planning & Historic Preservation. O'Gorman Fellow at Columbia University in NY. 

Since 2004, Ana Lucia Gonzalez Ibanez, has combined her knowledge and training as an architect to create a unique style of jewelry designs. Her training as a jeweler "joyerera" began in Mexico City in the workshops of Ivan Valdez, Goldsmith of the School of Design and Crafts of the INBA and in Guadalajara, in Luis Zubieta's Workshops. Recently she has been an apprentice of Carlos Cabral, recognized designer- goldsmith, member of the Authors' Mexican Association of Jewels, AMAJ. 

Student at the Workshop Estudio Contemporary Jewelry, in Guadalajara where Jiro Kamata, Japanese international known jewele taught with the theme Memento: A piece of Reality (2013)

Events & Exhibitions

Between 2004 and 2008 Ana Ibáñez had shows at the Museum of Popular Arts,
at the Polanco Museum, at the Workshop MA Expo of the Condesa
Neighborhood and at one of Mexico's largest retailer, El Palacio de Hierro.

has also been presented at several important sites related to the arts. At Baja California Sur Design, her jewelry was presented at the Polilla Gallery, at the Hotel California and at the Linda Hamilton Designs Gallery and Jack Hamilton’s Gallery El Callejón , in Todos Santos; and in the Legacy Jeweler ́s Gallery in Cabo San Lucas.
During 2016 she participated in different exhibitions in Mexico City,
Guadalajara and San Miguel de Allende. / Museum of Popular Arts, CDMX,
Guadalajara; Condesa Bazaar of the CDMX- Bazaar of the House of
France-Alternative Bazaar San Miguel-.
In 2013 she had a presentation at The Poetry Club Art Space, in Brooklyn, New
York with the exhibition: Chile Tomate y Cebolla, Mexico es una Joya.

Between 2007 and 2010 it has also been presented in several important places.
Related to the arts and design of Guadalajara, such as the Jalisco Architects
Union and the Laura Zohn Casa Rombo Gallery. She has also participated in two
competitions of the Joya Expo in Guadalajara. On these same dates, she had a
showroom at the Painter ́s Workshop Studio Jaime Tafoya in Paris.


Wearable Art

ANA IBAÑEZ makes you unique, revealing your taste for the global art's narrative with a Mexican accent. This meant to preserve and reinvent the expression of the artist -designer and skills of the craftsmen's hands. 

ANA IBANEZ is a sophisticated, elegant, and a fun company that creates unique pieces and a small series that aims to recover the tradition of the Mexican design in a continuously contemporary interpretation that makes you fill pride of wearing a piece of our enormous human cultural diversity.