Ala Verb



Posted by Ala Verb Clothing on Monday, August 13, 2018


Ala Verb is a Lifestyle and Streetwear brand with the mission of designing garments inspired by art, nature, and life in general; seeking to create a harmonious style between the street and elegance. Ala Verb is a manifestation of multiple emotions under different circumstances. It’s astonishment, it’s admiration, it’s rebelliousness, it’s attitude, but above all, it’s character. Each of our pieces rather than a visual composition is an attempt to reflect our vision, culture, and ideals through streetwear and to persuade our followers to chase their dreams and face their destiny; to be “chingones” (badasses) in life.

The beginnings of Ala Verb were not exactly in Streetwear fashion but were influenced by its culture. Ala Verb was born in 2008 in a high school in San Antonio, Texas when a student from Mexico City decided to replace the expression “¡A la verga!” (Mexican slang for: “Oh, shit!”, “Oh, fuck”, “Fuck it!” and others), with “Ala Verb”, after he had been prohibited from using that slang term in the classroom. From that moment on, Ala Verb became a new “idiom” that quickly spread among Spanish-speaking students and even a few English-speaking ones. Shortly afterward, that student took advantage of the momentum and decided to project his passion for the arts, fashion, and soccer by making shirts with different designs of “Ala Verb” printed with iron-on transfers.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Ala Verb began to take shape as a clothing brand and in July of the same year was officially launched to the market. Today, we are a young company, constantly evolving and focused on offering high-quality products that communicate the essence of our brand. We are motivated by our desire and satisfaction of seeing people wearing our clothes and believing in our culture, ideals, and movement. That, for us, is the most valuable thing. Chase the dream. Change the game.