Why you should not get private funding to start your own fashion brand


Starting a business is hard, specially if you're creating your own brand in the fashion industry. This is because, in order to excel into the industry you must take into consideration the following: You need resources, and without them your idea is doomed to fail. But when we're talking about resources, we're not saying that you should get an investor to partner up with an investor nor get a bank loan to create value. We want you to build it yourself.

What we're saying is that you should start getting resources into your brand project by starting to get a sustainable growth. What do we mean by that term? That we, as entrepreneurs, DO NOT need an investor nor a bank loan to start building from scratch our brand. What we DO need are sales.

So in order for the masses to get to know our brand, we need to start creating value from zero, to something. And that is only achieved if you create a brand that matters that can stir your niche and create an exponenetial growth strategy for your market by creating a constantly evolving value proposition.

And for that reason, our team at KUNST attended with an expert in this field, Enrique Levin, the CEO of Elevin Solutions. He is the founder of this new way of thinking in which  entrepreneurs do not need an investor or a third-party funding method to create value, instead that they should create value by using a sustainable growth strategy by selling the products of what their brands can currently produce and handle, and grow through those.

Because if we invite an investor, we are compromising profits over grwoth. And that is something entrepreneurs are not focused at this stage of their business, because it is anti-natural and artificial.

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