What is like being an entrepreneur with a disability?


The life of an entrepreneur is never an easy one, specially for people diagnosed with disabilities, since they have to sustain all kinds of misjudgment by people who are not as resillient and do not share the same vision.

It is never an easy road for them. Sometimes they have to come across most challenges, two or three times more than average people do, sometimes they take even more time to succeed. If necessary alongside others. Or if necessary... Alone.

Even so, most entrepreneurs with disabilities don't undertake this risky path, because of fear or simply because think they do not have what it takes, they're wrong. They do have what it takes, because there's an old proverb from a singular, yet, ressilient country where you can create your own opportunities based on your ideas. And that country is Mexico. In Mexico, entrepreneurs with disabilities are almost never accounted for, because in the Mexican culture, being out-of-the-ordinary is never extraordinary, and most entrepreneurs with disabilities have to work three of four times harder than ony other start-up founder. Sometimes, you have an idea and everybody thinks you are nobody and that you are only a talker. Many entrepreneurs with disabilities fall into those disheartening words, but they tend to do it anyways, even though they might be saying the truth, they don't believe it until they become it.

That is why, just like my favorite character in Star Wars universe used to say:

"Do or Do not. There is no try..."

- Yoda

What those words mean to me is that, anybody can be somebody if they only do it, because either you just do it or you just don't do it, since trying is the ultimate definition to be prepared to fail. As part of that community, I, as founder of KUNST, understand the hardships of this journey.

As a result of this discussion, being afraid of your own potential and positive impact, is not the way to success. By being aware of your own gifts and talent, you can be somebody, no matter if youn are rich or poor. Extroverted or introverted. Disabled or enabled. You are the architect of your own path. Even though you have to work for it three or four times harder than anyone, just like I did two years ago. I am like those entreprenuers, I am an entrepreneur like them, I live with Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Overly Specified (PDD-NOS), and that does not make me less than Steve Jobs, himself. I embrace my disability as a gift, every day of my life, no matter how great of a challenge it is, I confront it willingly and with my eyes forward.

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