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Our company is growing bigger every day it passes, with now 10 fashion brands, we're very proud to announce the new category within the store, starred by a new brand partnership with the socially responsible on-demand flower boutique, Verbena.

Alejandro Bernot and Alejandro Zorrilla, both are students of the BA in International Business from the IBERO University Campus Mexico City, Verbena created an online florwer shop in collaboration with a community of floriculturists in the town of Villa Guerrero, State of Mexico, Mexico.

Alejandro Bernot explained that one of the differentiators of his business has a double positive effect: the link with the flower growers of Villa Guerrero allows the sale of freshly cut flowers and avoids the participation of intermediaries. In terms of supply, Verbena makes different arrangements than those found in the market.

"Four months ago we did a pilot test to see if it worked, to see if people liked it or not. We sell different floral arrangements because we saw that those that exist in the market are very basic and we look for something more exotic", our new partner said.

For his part, Alejandro Zorrilla recalled that 53% of the production of flowers in the country occurs in Mexican territory, which facilitates collaboration with the farmers of the entity, who are paid a fair price for their production. He added that this allows customers to offer reasonable prices compared to those of the competition.

Zorrilla explained that, generally, the value chain in the flower business starts with the farmer; Afterwards, wholesalers arrive who ask for tons of product and pay for the cheapest flower. Later, they are distributed to be auctioned and, subsequently, they are sent to sites such as supply centers. Finally, there is a final phase to reach the florists or they go directly to the distributors. Along the way, the price increases and the only beneficiaries are the intermediaries.

"This process lasts two weeks. That is to say, the flowers arrive at our houses 15 days after being cut, for which reason, they are no longer fresh and their durability is lower. With Verbena, the flowers arrive at their destination one day after having been cut by the flower growers, so they will last much longer. "

In the not too distant future, these new partners will grow with our mutual collaborative partnership through the automation of their processes, the hiring of personnel, the 'lifting' of capital and a strategic alliance with a company in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

For young entrepreneurs, giving a bouquet of flowers will never go out of fashion and beyond a fixed date in the calendar, "all the time you can give an arrangement".

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